För några få Dogecoin mer

Den amerikanske private operatören startade sin kommunikationsradio. Han hade omsorgsfullt valt en plats på en höjd där Östergötland slutade och Småland började bre ut sig. Han var ensam på den skogbeklädda höjden när lamporna som signalerade att en satellitlänk var etablerad tändes. Teknologin han använde var föråldrad och skulle alltså inte kunna knytas till varken USA eller Nato då hårdvarorna var tillgängliga i den civila sfären. Efter en liten stunds sprakande hörs en avlägsen amerikansk kvinnoröst.

-Standing by for clearance code over…

-Bravo, Oscar, Sierra, Tango, Oscar, November….over.

–Copy that…please hold for connection….            

Radion sprakar ett liten stund innan, operatören hör en välbekant mansröst med bred Texasaccent. 

-Bravo One, do you copy? Over….

-Bravo one you are loud and clear over!

I’m at USS Avenger, I got the files you asked for, connection is flaky…we need to keep this snappy and short over.

-Copy that…just read me the summary!

–Copy that…main targets possible ID is Olsson, Rickard.

Operatören ler åt texasmannens utal av svenska namn, själv hade han gått på mormonernas språkskola i Utah dit CIA skickade sitt folk att lära sig ett nytt språk på rekordtid. Han hade spenderat ett par månader i Sverige under oroligheterna, han hade ganska bra koll på språket vid det här laget. 

–Biometric confirmation is missing so this might as well not be correct information for main target do you copy that?

-Copy that over…

Mr Olsson was born in Norrkoping in May of 1989, grew up there…Nothing really about him but academic records, he studied engineering, until he hit the news big time in the late 2020’s. You see, his sister was victimized by a local gang, raped and beaten up. Perps were young so they got light sentencing as custom was in Sweden at the time. Fight broke out inside the court when the defendants and their friends jeered and taunted him for what they had done to his sister. Unknown if target and the local gang had any prior altercations. Target got sentenced a couple of months, did his time, got out. Sister ended up in a wheelchair, she became a vegetable. And then…hold on now….when the gangmembers got into prison he assaulted the family of two of the convicted gangmembers…two brothers…target tortured and slayed their whole families including two little children in a very gruesome way….wait a minute… texasmannen tystnar ett tag då han läser igenom texten framför sig igen, innan han utbrister; I think I even heard of this one….

-Copy that I seem to remember it as well. Operatören vill att texasmannen skall snabba sig med läsningen.

-Copy that…target tortured and killed two adults and two minors…it became a whole media thing….as victims were Muslims and target desecreated Islam during the murders, it sparked rioting over half of Europe…protests and condemnation in the Middle East, a Swedish embassy got torched in Bangladesh….whew….I thought that thing happened in Denmark…it was in the news for months…so he got caught…got sentenced to psychiatric ward…got assulted there by an employee who was Muslim…employee got sentenced for attempted murder…and then…I got pages of the psychiatric evalutions here…I mean tons of it.

-Just give me the ins and out! Over!

–Copy that…highly intelligent and violent delusional schizophrenic with sociopatic social skills according to one group of doctors who surveyed him…but it is contested…one doctor claimed him to even be of mental sanity and that he should serve time in a regular penitentiary….there are some real Charles Manson references here man…target is one sick puppy…anyway…when the social order fell in Sweden he killed a warden and escaped and has been M.I.A. ever since….

-Copy that…

–Well…that’s about it…as I said this is all unconfirmed as target ID is unverified. But if this your guy…

-Copy that…

–Mission command wants you to be aware as once homing beacon is lit there will be an unclear response time…target is medium priority…airstrike on a beacon could be delayed…but you know the drill – stay clear from target.

-Copy that…

Det blir tyst ett tag och operatören vet att texasmannen sitter och formulerar en fråga åt honom, det är inte första gången det har hänt på deras länk. 

–Is it true that you guys in the private sector are getting paid in cryptocurrency? 

-Copy that…I’m in it for those Dogecoinbuckarinos man!

Texasmannen skrattar till.

–Copy that…all right man go kill that fucking wizard man…how do you say that in Swedish?  

 – Jag ska döda Trollkarlen.

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